Take 5 Books

Take 5s and Short Form Risk Assessments

At Lockbox, our Take 5 safety books are specifically designed to record your pre-task safety checks and improve safety awareness. We can supply your forms in a durable PVC cover in a variety of sizes and formats. By including additional information, (e.g. first aid guidelines, procedures, emergency contacts) we can create a complete personal safety package in a concise, pocket-sized format.


A well-designed Take 5 safety book or risk assessment tool can help to promote health and safety throughout your company by placing crucial information right into the palms of your worker’s hands. A well designed Take 5 form and program can help the user identify potential hazards that may arise during regular daily tasks and activities. Recording these short-form risk assessments can aid in the sharing of information, and the continuous improvement of the safety culture in your workplace.

What are Take 5 Books?

The Take 5 system is a frontline task risk assessment tool that ensures that you stop and think about what you are going to do before you start work.

Take 5 safety process

The Take 5 Safety Process

Used to identify AND control hazards before you start work.

1. Stop and think
2. Look for the hazards
3. Assess the risk
4. Make the changes
5. Do the job safely

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