Pre-Start Checklists

A well designed pre-operational inspection is critical for ensuring the safe operation of your machinery. This is where our expertise comes in. With our skills and experience, we can create detailed pre-start checklists for your operators. Our checklists are user-friendly, accurate recording tools that won’t get in the way of your daily operations.

excavator pre-start checklist book

We can print your checklist in a range of standard (A4, A5) or custom sizes to suit your vehicle storage areas. Printed onto NCR (no carbon required), your checklist can be captured in duplicate or triplicate with numbering and perforated pages. During the design and print processes, we always have the end user in mind. The resulting products are durable and fit-for-purpose in mining and industrial workplaces.

Lockbox Safety Documentation provides safety and maintenance checklists for various machine and equipment types. Be sure to check out our pre-start checklists examples and other safety materials across our site.

What are Pre-start Checklists?

Pre-start checklists are essential to ensure that employees and contractors assess all aspects of the equipment and workplace environment and greatly reduce accidents on work sites.

Prior to operating the machine, the driver completes a visual assessment, check levels, wear, indicator lights, or signs of damage.

The Pre-start checklist ensures the driver assessments are recorded and saved – this acts not only as a verification that checks are done, but also an accountability measure for drivers to take responsibility for their machine.

The Driver completes a series of Yes/No questions – the question text and the number of questions can be customised to your organisation and for your different vehicle types.

Some of the checklists that we produce include:

  • Heavy Vehicle Inspection
  • Forklift Inspection
  • Excavator Pre-start
  • Light Vehicle Pre-start
  • Daily Machine Inspection
  • EWP Pre-start
  • Water Truck Operator
  • Exploration Light Vehicle
  • Mobile Equipment Inspection

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